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New Bonnie Interview

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Jacqueline 04:09 pm MST 02/01/17

Botox user Bonnie Tyler says Ďdonít go mad on fillers or youíll look like a puppetí

BONNIE Tyler is in New Zealand, where sheís just toured with Icehouse and the Alan Parsons Project.
It turns out the Welsh singer, best known for Total Eclipse Of the Heart, Holding Out For a Hero, Itís a Heartache and Lost In France, includes New Zealand as part of her extensive global real estate portfolio.
ďMyself and my husband own a 217 hectare farm we bought in 1988 as an Angora production farm, but the bottom went out of that business. We lease it now to a dairy farmer. Itís a beautiful farm. Itís an investment for my old age darling. Weíve got a shop in the town too, donít ask me what it is, we just own the property.Ē

Does she visit the farm when sheís on tour in New Zealand?

ďIíve seen it before. Once youíve seen it a few times a farm is a farm really, isnít it?Ē

What other properties do you own?

My husband Robert is good at investing. Weíve got a quarry in South Wales, most of the roads come from that. Weíve got 65 stables outside of London but I donít know anything about horses, we just rent the yard out. Weíve got a beautiful house in Portugal, but my home is in South Wales.

Is real estate more lucrative than music?

Bricks and mortar, you canít go wrong.
Meat Loaf released an album last year that was full of old Jim Steinman songs. One of them, Skull of Your Country, features the line ĎTurn around bright eyesí Steinman would later use on Total Eclipse of the Heart. Whatís your knowledge of the history of that song?
Jim told me he started writing Total Eclipse of the Heart with Meat Loaf in mind. But in the end he didnít give it to Meat Loaf he gave it to me! Iím very happy about that, as you can imagine.

The story goes Jim Steinman summonsed you to his apartment in New York to hear Total Eclipse of the Heart. What are your memories of that day.

Oh my God! Yes he played it to me in the offices of his manager at the time, in New York. I remember thinking ĎHeís going to give me this song? This is amazingí. It was a really big turning point in my career. Iíd already had hits in America with country rock, Itís a Heartache was huge over there. I did two albums with Jim, the second wasnít a massive hit but the first one, with Total Eclipse, was.

Thereís claims Jim wrote Total Eclipse of the Heart as a Ďvampire love songí.

I never quite understand that interpretation of it. I just think itís about real true love. Itís just a beautiful love song as far as Iím concerned.
Have you seen the literal Total Eclipse of the Heart video?

Itís so funny. The Lego one is brilliant too. Iím on top of the balcony with my hands all waving and my head falls off.

he original video was filmed in an old asylum wasnít it?
Thatís right. It took two days to film it, it was an incredible video. I hate making videos. I could never be an actor. Hurry up and wait. I canít stand it. The video was nominated for a Grammy but I lost to Michael Jackson which canít be too bad.

Another urban myth ó you were meant to duet with Meat Loaf on his version of your hit Loving Youís a Dirty Job (But Someoneís Gotta Do It) on his new album.

Iíd heard through the grapevine he said heíd like to duet with me, but he didnít get in touch. I might have done it if he had, but he didnít ask.

Random question ó did you ever see Meat Loafís AFL Grand Final performance?

No. Why?

It wasnít his finest vocal moment. He hasnít been able to tour Australia since.

Oh. Iíve been told his voice has just gone. Maybe in the studio heíd be fine.

Most people donít know you recorded The Best a year before Tina Turner had a hit with it.

We do it in my concerts. A lot of people are shocked, they didnít know I did it first. The way I put it in my show is one of my all time favourite songs is River Deep Mountain High. I used to sing that in my bedroom with a hairbrush as a microphone. What goes around comes around, hereís me as a kid singing Tina Turner songs then she recorded one of my songs. Our versions are slightly different.

Songs can have lives of their own ...
I was absolutely sure that song was a hit record. And Tina only proved me right, but it wasnít meant to be for me, unfortunately. Iíve got to admit her version is fantastic, I love it.

What did you think of Rod Stewart covering Itís a Heartache?

That was great. My ex-manager Ronnie Scott, he wrote it. Heís dead now God love him but he would have been over the moon about that. Itís great for Ronnie Scottís daughter and publishing.

You didnít write Total Eclipse of the Heart obviously, can you control where itís used on TV or in movies at all?

I canít control it. Itís used everywhere. I donít mind. I did an advert for it for a credit card in New Zealand. Bit of a piss-take of myself it was to be honest! I was dressed as a bloody big angel on a crane in the air. You wouldnít believe how many adverts in the UK use that song. Youíd think people would be fed up with it by now. Itís not always me singing it, mind. Thereís one on at the moment with a rugby team singing it.

Have you been offered a book deal to write your autobiography?

Iíve been offered so many times. Iím not going to do that. Iím not interested. I canít be dealing with all that. Maybe when Iím 90.

Thereís no real scandal there though? No drug hell? No controversy?

I suppose as rock stars go, not that I class myself as one, itís been a quiet life. I enjoy being successful but not mega mega successful. I can have a life.

What about offers to do reality TV shows?

I get them all the time. Iíd never do them. They must have asked me five times to do Iím a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!, Celebrity Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing. No chance. I donít need it. Iím not going to make a fool of myself. Besides, I could never go to the jungle, I canít stand creepy crawlies, thereís no bloody way I could eat one!

You are one of the handful of celebrities who is honest about getting Botox regularly ... why is it such a secret still?

I donít get it. I go twice a year, same as the dentist. I donít think I know many girls who havenít had it done. Everyoneís having it now. I only get it twice a year. Donít go mad on fillers and things like that, you end up looking like a puppet. Nothing wrong with a bit of Botox on the forehead and on the crowís-feet, thatís fine.

You turned 65 last year but still tour regularly ...

Iím getting more work than ever. I love to be on stage, but I also love to spend time on my boat in Portugal. I have got a band, I donít keep them on a retainer but I work a lot and theyíre always there for me. We rock. The band are fantastic. We make a lot of noise. I love touring.

The travel is a pain in the neck but it makes a difference when youíre in first class. My boys are not, bless them, theyíre in economy. They donít mind, except for one of them who has legs up to the roof!

Are you recording new music?

Iím trying something out with Johnny Carter Cash, weíre working in Johnny Cashís old cabin in Nashville. Theyíre country flavoured, more like country rock.

You were one of the many celebrities painted by Rolf Harris. You never owned the painting and the owner tried, unsuccessfully, to sell it at auction a few years ago.

Oh god. I never liked it anyway, it was bloody awful. The way he did painting was not very flattering, but thatís his style. I was quite amazed when I was told it was worth $50,000 pounds. I donít think itíd be worth anything now heís in jail.

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