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re: The Biggest Thing Ever to Happen?

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rockfenris2005 10:03 am MST 02/10/17
In reply to: re: The Biggest Thing Ever to Happen? - Marklbetya 08:28 am MST 02/10/17

I felt he was on his way with that with "Whistle down the wind" in the 90s, but again I wasn't aware of that personally when it was all happening. I do remember how big the single was though, "No matter what" with Boyzone. And at the time I liked the Meat Loaf version more, because I thought it was more "epic" (all three of those tracks from "Very best of..." btw for me are closer to what "Bat 3" would have been like for me than the actual album. The start of "Home by now" for example, for me anyway, feels like another "Bat" album. Not to mention the cover art.)

"Whistle" was going to be followed up with the English production of "Tanz" which I remember being very excited about, and then "Batman" had been announced, and "Garbo". Suddenly all those things went just wrong :(

> The thing it most compares with to me is Whistle Down the
> Wind.
> I had been a fan of Meat Loaf since the original Bat, and
> having seen him many times throughout the 80's and 90's,
> as early as 1987 or so, he was hyping the sequel in his
> concerts. So with a 6 year build-up, it is difficult to
> generate the kind of buzz that a shorter build-up for a
> theater opening with a set date can build.
> The difference, I fear, is that it seems this could be
> done 50 years after Jim passes, as much as he seems
> involved in the current decision making. And with all the
> material being older, I don't think "important" is the
> right word.
> Best case scenario: This is a smash hit, running for
> years and moving to Broadway.
> But what does that mean for Jim professionally? We love
> him and his music already. Others will undoubtedly be
> exposed to it. And hopefully this will be the project he
> always envisioned and will have immense personal
> satisfaction. And he will get royalties. Great for him,
> but I certainly don't think that's what motivates him at
> this point. He's not suddenly going to have more doors
> open for him. He's not writing much any more at this
> point, from what I can tell. So while this may be
> important to his legacy, I wouldn't describe it as
> "important" as far as furthering his career or getting us
> access to any more of his brilliance.
> Whistle could have done that, had it been successful at
> the time, so I think that was possibly the most important
> project to date. It likely would have sparked an ALW-like
> catalogue of Broadway musicals and songs.
> > I feel like the Bat Musical is the most important Jim
> > project to happen that I can remember. I was wondering
> > what do fans older than I am remember about the feelings
> > surrounding projects like Bat 2, Pandora's Box or even Bad
> > for Good?

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