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Iīm not good in reviews, Iīm biased as hell, but...

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Markus 04:40 pm MST 02/19/17

... let me try to put my impressions into words:

First of all, it was so great to meet all the Steinfans again and again and again for such a good reason! Including our beloved Jacqueline plus Barry Keating and Steven Rinkoff (2nd night).

I wonīt seperate the two shows I saw because I think the differences were minor and both shows were equally breathtaking.

So I wasnīt that nervous until shortly before we entered the theater because some of us were interviewed by tv-people after JD introduced us to them as the Steinfans from all around the globe with Gary as the farest travelled guy of all. :-) We all expressed our feelings and I guess it was obvious why we were there because none of us was able to hide the love for Jim and his work.
I could hardly tell them how much it meant to me to FINALLY see Jimīs name above it all! (Are these intervies available somewhere btw?)
Then Barry Keating was there trying to capture some moments and messages from us for Jim as well.

When we walked inside Gary was one (or THE FIRST) buying nearly the whole merchandise goods and we were a bit worried that thereīs nothing left once heīs finished. ;-)

The house was packed and we (Steffi and I) had really good seats near the stage like most of the die hard Steinmaniacs we all know very well or not so well. :-) While everyone was taking their seats the show had already begun with Strat and Zahara (?) cleaning the motorbike at the still dark stage.

I wonīt go into details of the show (others are way better for that) but some things I want to mention.

The story: First I thought it may be a little bit thin all in all, but after the first show and a following sleepless night in the hotel (so many things happening in my mind) I realized that thereīs much more to it... and I was happy we were able to grab two more tickets for the second night.
Itīs a bit sad that Tink (whoīs very important for the story) seems a bit lost (haha) within it all. Remembered me of the Aladin Musical where the genie outplays Aladin most of the time... He should have at least one more prominent moment in my opinion. Also some scenes seemed to need a better prologue but on the other hand people should be able to at least think a little bit while consuming, right? ;-)
One sentence about the well dosed puns and jokes: they work and theyīre cool. But, and I told the same to Rob Fowler after show 2, I think they should leave it that way and be very careful to not cross the thin line because to much of it would drastically take away from the power this whole piece of art generates! We all know to well what happened in the past.

The cast: ERROR FREE! :-) They all seem highly capable of doing Jimīs songs justice and thatīs one of the hardest things I guess. Zahara and Jagwireīs duet on 2oo3 is mind boggling! Strat shines whenever he opens his mouth! Falco and Sloane canīt be any better as well. Not to forget Tink whoīs also wonderful.

The songs: I was curious and uncertain if they fit the story. Yes Iīm biased... BUT THEY DO! And now after the shows I can tell you that itīs crystal clear what greater vision Jim had in mind all those years. (When we drove home from the Airport today back in Germany we listened to some other Meat songs and there are so many more that would fit perfectly itīs just unbelievable!)

We were asked (they handed out a questionnaire) which one we would throw out if we had to chose one: I think I can say most of us would choose Dead Ringer because it seemed to add not much to the story. But from the reaction of the audience itīs clear why itīs there...

Another thing that worries me is that they seem to consider to shorten the whole show about 20-25 minutes. WTF!? I HOPE THEY WON`T DO THAT! I could live with 5-6 minutes (Dead Ringer) but itīll be cool to have another fitting number instead.

The set design: Itīs awesome! So many highlights, so many great ideas and solutions! GO AND SEE IT!

The sound: Easy to say itīs the best sound I ever heard in a musical. I donīt know how they did it but it just blows you away and will it ever be enough? :)
A few minor things may be corrected in the mix but nothing to complain. A well, one thing: Get that fuckin BELL LOUDER in Bat! Thank you. :-)

My reaction, the audiences reaction: I was completely overwhelmed for multiple reasons! And you know Iīm not the first one to admit I was really crying and wasnīt able to hold back my tears. Klasien, William, Justin... you all know what I mean and that itīs true. It really MEANT something to us.
JIM, there were standing ovations, crowds of people singing along as much and good as they possiby can - you shouldīve been there. Donīt miss out London. Try everything you can to be part of it live. Not for me or anyone else, just for you.
The second night Steffi and I had seperate seats above, right and left and changed during the intermission so we had different neighbours act one and two. I can tell you they all were great Meat fans (maybe not as crazy as the people you know) but act one had a man and his wife sitting next to me fighting the tears and act two had a couple left of me singing along and believe me, I never saw a woman so devastated by the end of a show

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