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The show means so much to ALL of us

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Jacqueline 05:12 pm MST 02/19/17
In reply to: So glad so many of you are so thrilled about the show!! - rockfenris2005 06:35 am MST 02/19/17

I wish we could have all seen it. I'm sure with time, we will. The support and well wishes from everyone - including those that could not attend - means so much to Jim and the success of the production.

> Wanted this to work so badly.
> Remember the disappointment with "Dance of the Vampires"
> and "Bat out of Hell 3".
> And the pressure, with this, because it was "Neverland"
> and also just Jim getting another musical produced in
> general, something I really wanted to see him succeed at.
> Pre-production on this one I think has been going on for
> about twelve years, but of course goes back about nearly
> 50 years, which they've said. Jim would have started
> working on "Dream Engine" I imagine in 1968 which is 50
> years next year. A big bonus for all this working out btw
> would--at last--be a nice big box set for "Bat out of
> Hell" like one of the Pink Floyd Immersion releases but
> we'll see. I haven't got my hopes up.
> I deliberately didn't have my hopes up about this but I
> was secretly crossing my fingers. I still am. You just
> never, never know. And now the next thing is what the
> reviews are going to be like. "Les Mis" is the longest
> running musical in West End history, but that got some
> shocking reviews back in the day, and I can just imagine
> saying the usual stuff about over the top and bombastic.
> As if these are bad things, btw. I don't understand how
> over the top and bombastic is a negative thing!! Explore
> those emotions to the fullest degree. Jim like Wagner
> Verdi and Puccini before him is the embodiment for that
> for me.
> I also always thought that "For crying out loud" and "I'd
> do anything for love" in a musical is like Rodgers and
> Hammerstein having "If I loved you" and "You'll never walk
> alone" in "Carousel". "If I loved you" btw was also a
> twelve minute long scene.
> I haven't seen the show. I don't know when I'm going to.
> But I can also tell you, from down here, I could feel the
> buzz. All the way over here. So that's really cool. I fell
> asleep right around the same time Act One would have been
> blasting away in the theatre. But were people going to
> hate or love it?
> Again, so relieved & thrilled with what I'm hearing so
> far. I have a feeling that none of us can ever quite
> explain the feelings we get listening to Jim's music, and
> experiencing those worlds, but I've tried to. For
> instance, the chorus for "Braver than we are" is like
> morning sunshine in Venice I imagine, and "Original sin"
> is like mist in Transylvania and a wolf about to cry out.
> As crazy as this is going to sound, I fell in love as I
> would with a person to "It just won't quit" and "Not
> allowed to love". The opening of "It just won't quit"
> just... can't explain that. I can only imagine what it
> would have been like sitting in the theatre hearing that,
> and "Not allowed to love" which I can't stress enough how
> immense that song is to me. It's one of the finest songs
> I've ever heard in my life and always wanted it to be out
> there and stuff.
> Well, I'm really glad. And thanks for all the photos and
> posts that have been forthcoming. I think I'm just more
> relieved than anything else.

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