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re: Karine and Tyce projects...what I think...

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Scaramouche 12:58 pm MST 02/23/17
In reply to: Karine and Tyce projects...what I think... - Jacqueline 11:29 am MST 02/21/17

Oh boy. I was under the impression that Jim had okayed these projects, but maybe not?

I don't mind seeing the postings on Jim's FB page and/or Jim Steinman Forever, although I do take your point that they could have waited for a few weeks to let BOOH shine in the spotlight.

I've no idea who is behind these albums (Pat Cerasaro?) but am curious to hear them, although anticipation would be greater if Jim was involved.

I was half expecting a 'Broadway does Steinman' type of album, off the back of the 2015 NYC shows, with maybe a Broadway orchestrator/arranger on board.

The album could then have featured a broader array of performers Tyce, Karine, Jessica Hendy, Brian C Rooney etc, along with a recorded premiere for NOTHING, but obviously things have gone in a different direction.

I have downloaded the Tyce version of 'Left In The Dark' and it doesn't do much for me. Don't like the mix, he doesn't do the whispered part (which is essential) and the ending is 'clunky', although there is a great little ascending piano run at 3:13.

Have to agree with Jacqueline that the cover is not great, from the actual concept and artwork, to obscuring the (relatively unknown) artist's name. Also I could think of a ton of album titles better than 'Hero'.

Having said all that, I will be buying both albums (Tyce/Karine) and hopefully there is a couple of gems in there.

NB - Off to BOOH this Saturday 25/2, then Coliseum on 10/6 & 1/7. Ready to be rocked!

> Until now, I've remained very quiet about the "tribute"
> projects surrounding Jim Steinman - specifically Karine
> Hannah's Renegade Angel (directly lifting a title that
> belongs to Jim...not to mention the cover with the
> "moonlight shining through" and the wolf with the red
> rose...where is the creativity? Why not call it
> "Handgrenade Angel" - at least that reflects the way the
> songs are blown to bits) and the Tyce Green Hero project.
> For what it's worth, I think Tyce is a nice, young guy
> with a great voice. I think he's been mislead and dragged
> along by the ambition of others. But that's my opinion.
> To be honest, these self proclaimed "tributes" didn't
> especially bother me until lately. The timing really
> doesn't sit well with me and I'll say it flatly - it seems
> like they are in it for themselves and trying to horn in
> on Jim's success while dampening his victory!! They may
> not be hoping for riches and fame but they are definitely
> trying to take advantage with the timing.
> "Renegade Angel" - made the post below on
> Facebook...hahaha - belly laugh of the decade - in the
> comments she responds to someone saying her clip sounds
> better than the Steinman/Rinkoff version with "That's what
> we like to hear!!" That was the exact kind of disrespect
> to Jim's children that caused ties to be severed in the
> first place. Here is the post explaining why they moved
> the release date:
> "Steinmaniacs!
> The first single from the album Renegade Angel starring
> Karine Hannah "Braver Than We Are" will now be released on
> March 4th not Feb 17 as previously announced due to most
> people being in Manchester for the Bat Out Of Hell musical
> and not being able to download it at the time. So for
> maximum exposure we've put it back a couple of weeks... So
> that's the bad news out of the way, here's a sneak peak at
> the brand new single BRAVER THAN WE ARE!!!"
> Why are they calling out to Jim's fanbase? Bug off. Find
> your own fans. Or, go bother Celine Dion fans -- maybe
> they'll be happy to see you!
> Then the Tyce "Hero" group, posting all over Jim's
> Facebook page and on this message board on the opening
> days of Bat in Manchester!!! Can't they let Jim and his
> fans have even a few days to bask in the glory of the Bat
> Musical?? Leave Jim's page alone long enough for his fans
> to enjoy talking about Bat and him? The answer is "NO"
> because they see timing as everything. I don't buy the
> "we're just hoping to make 2017 a SteinYear." Newsflash,
> Jim doesn't need your help!! The ego!! This is no
> different than Steve Steinman. Yes, I take that back,
> it's worse -- because they are trying their best to act
> like they not only have Jim's consent -- they want it to
> seem like they have his cooperation and collaboration. The
> Tyce album write up, in case you haven't seen, uses some
> old Jim quotes out of context to maximum effect. The
> cover! That's the best cover Boris and Julie could come
> up with? A magic mirror that turns people into heroic
> creatures by stripping off their top? Wow.
> This is Jim's time. Jim's glory. This is not just a
> "tribute" - they want something - even if it's just
> attention for their project. I didn't want to stay silent
> any longer. Sorry. Honestly, if they could have just
> backed off for a few weeks, let the Bat Musical bask in
> the glow of it's success and stopped posting "with Jim
> Steinman" (they are not "with" him, I can assure you) all
> over Facebook, I might not have gone on this rant. But,
> hey ho...I'm protective of Jim and I won't apologize for
> that.

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