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ashkent7 03:40 am MST 03/06/17
In reply to: Braver - Tremorlor 11:38 pm MST 03/02/17

I know Karine has posted that the album is no longer happening for various reasons, and although I'm glad this was still released, I stand by the fact that is isn't one that I particularly like - but that is just my opinion. Karine is an amazing singer, and I think the overall feel of the song lets it down. The music and effects aren't the best in line with a lot of music these days - I think whoever did the music would get away with it on a throwaway pop track but not on something as complex and demanding as Steinman. The majority of the top 40 is made up of such tracks, and if you listen you can hear in most of the biggest selling pop of the last two decades that the simplest songs musically seem to make the biggest impact - Rihanna's Umbrella, Lady Gaga's Pokerface come to mind as basic repetitive music tracks that get stuck in the head but could have been made by a kid with a laptop in their bedroom if we are being honest about it. There's nothing wrong with it, but it just leaves something lacking in any other kind of song.

I'll still listen to it occasionally, like I do with most things I don't particularly take to initially.

For me Meat's version still stands head and shoulders above at the moment because it feels deep, solid and complete. People can bash Meat's voice all they want, but the depth of the emotions, resonance and moments of musicality that tell you Jim was more than happy with the song as it appears on the album is more than enough for me. People gave Dylan and Waits stick over their voices for years and they haven't paid much attention to it, which makes it surprising that Johnny Cash's cracked, withering vocals on the American Recordings never took anything but praise (and I loved that sound as well).

It sometimes seems that if expectations and reality don't collide in perfect synchronicity, people are happy to just cut loose rather keep looking. Music is like a collage for the ears...the more you look the more you notice and the more you notice...sometimes...you appreciate the whole more for it. Not always, but it's always worth a try.

> Well, today the Karine version of Braver was released and
> you can snag it for the usual price from Amazon, which I
> did.
> Seems the producers love the original demo as they stayed
> very close to it.
> Vocally it's a great performance, even though the
> recording could be cleaner at times.
> Musically however I don't think it's that great, it sounds
> as if they banned any real instruments from the studio and
> solely relied on synths. The bike and thunder effects
> sound fairly cheap. I've heard better in games from the
> 90s. Basically the demo recreated with some additional
> programming. Would have loved a real pounding piano, real
> drums and e-guitar.
> At least it's easier on the ears than last years release
> of Going all the Way - something that really isn't that
> hard to achieve though.

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