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Fantasize Every Movement

We asked...My fantasy evening with Jim Steinman would involve.....?

You answered.....

Jim In Leather

"My fantasy evening with Jim Steinman is X-Rated and not I dare not tell you about it."

"I'd love to spend the night with Jim, a couple of bottles of wine and his piano."

"Well, it goes like this...Jimmy picks me up in a stretch limo. He comes to my door with red roses. When I answer he says 'On a hot summer night...' We go to dinner and in his usual manner he orders everything on the menu. We laugh and talk and drink. On the limo ride home we do some kissing in the backseat then Jimmy does the speech about mirror and ends it with 'Now, your place or mine...' We wind up back at his house where a night of endless pleasure takes place...It is more than any laws allow...(Why do I always find out in the morning that it was all a dream!! Ugh!! Grr!!)"

"For my fantasy I make requests and Jim Steinman fulfills them - and all of my requests are not musical, I might add."

"Me and Jim Steinman go for a walk on a sandy beach on a clear, warm night and there is a full moon. I tell him all of my secrets and I cry then he tells me all of his and he cries. Then we build a fire and watch the night slip away with a silent understanding between us. To me, that's a perfect evening."

"I have first row tickets to the only Jim Steinman concert ever. He rocks and plays the piano like a wildman. After the show I have a back-stage pass and I go back to have a tour book signed and we hit it off and wind up going out and partying after."

"On a fantasy date with Jim Steinman I would be allowed to give him as much pleasure as he has given me. I would lights a million vanilla scented candles and pour him some expensive wine. We would get high and drink until our mouths started to feel that special way when you've just got to start kissing - then we do. We kiss slow and tender at first but then things start heating up. I can feel how hard he is and I know that he is wanting me as badly as I'm wanting him. He's very shy so I always take the lead. He watches like a hungry wolf as I undo my blouse and play with my nipples. I pick up his hands and place them on my breasts. He is so gentle and he feels so right. Before long I take him and lead him into the bedroom. He sits down on the bed and I treat him to a private lap dance. He can't withstand much more of this teasing so I take down his pants and climb on top of him. Our bodies are a natural match and we move together in perfect harmony. It ends in a smashing orgasm for each of us. Then we sleep in each others arms until morning."

"If I could have a fantasy evening with Jim Steinman it would probably be spent doing very regular stuff. I'd introduce him to my friends and we'd hit a movie or go shopping at the mall then end up getting something to eat. I can think of a lot more exciting stuff to do and a lot of selfish requests I could make of him but I'd pick to do ordinary things instead. From what I hear he spends all of his time by himself without any friends so I'd just like to show him what us normal folks do. Plus, I think he'd be a hoot to hang with - this guy has an awesome sense of humor."

"We go for a ride on his (1981?) Harley Davidson. How cool would that be - actually riding with the man who is the 'bat out of hell'?"

"I confess all of my sins and he listens then forgives me."

"On my fantasy night the only sound would be the sound of moaning and of two people thoroughly enjoying the way the other tastes and feels."

"We dive into a vat of chocolate naked together and don't come up for air"

"Mr. Steinman writes a song for my band and he plays the piano on stage with us when we are playing a concert. We bring the house down with the number and the audience keeps screaming until we play the song again."

"I could get really naughty here but I won't!!! Instead, Jim and me talk for hours and become really good friends."

"I get to shampoo that extraordinary gray hair of his! What a turn on. Once I wash his hair I just keep on going."

"My mind is going in every different direction - to a restaurant, to a concert hall, to the recording studio, to the bedroom (of course). Anywhere, anytime, anyplace, doing anything with Jim Steinman would be a fantasy come true."

"We fly around the world faster than the speed of night and try to beat time. We'll never be as young as we are right now!"

"For my fantasy date with Jim Steinman I would take him somewhere private. I would like to be a sympathetic ear for him and listen to his problems and hear what bothers him. He's a beautiful person who is apparently depressed and hurting. It would be my fantasy to have him open up to me and let me help him work through things for a change. I guess just holding him and making him feel comfortable and secure and less alone would be my wish."

"We play Bad For Good 200 million times"

"Jim fucks me like an animal."

"For my fantasy evening I get Jim to take me over to Bonnie Tyler's house and she sings while he plays piano."

"I'd really like to check out one of those radical places he eats at and get to try everything on the menu. Jim Steinman is the coolest, hippest, most totally unique guy in the world and the way he does this proves it. Hey Jim, next time you're going out to eat, count me in - please!!"

"The two of us listen to 900 numbers all night and he picks up the tab."

"We go into the studio and have sex while his music is playing."

"Jim plays the piano all night long."

"On my fantasy night I become Jim Steinman and live his life for a few hours."

"We LOVE the night away...Oh Jim, you're so good...and the following morning...Oh Jim, you sure know how to please a lady...and afternoon...Oh Jim, you feel so right...and evening...Oh Jim, I like the way you do that...and night...Oh Jim, you are so gentle...and morning...Oh Jim, you're wearing me out...Oh Jim, don't stop...Oh Jim..."

"Me and Jim go shopping for clothes. He has a good sense of style which I really admire. Those mirrored glasses, the leather jackets, those enormous gloves. Of course if I dressed like him I'd probably look like an asshole but he looks like Adonis."

"We take a bath together in Strawberries and Creme and drown in ecstasy. Oh-la-la!"

"For my fantasy Jim would play some of his unreleased songs for me, let me read the script to Bat 2100 and answer all of my questions about his career. All of this over a great meal with nice wine."

"[My fantasy night includes] a push-up bra and some satin sheets...and I am a kitten."

"I'd like to wear his leather jacket with nothing on underneath."

"Me and Jim do a 'mind meld'!"

"My fantasy night is spent in Jim Steinman's house. We would not necessarily be in the same bed - just in his house overnight to see what happens. You never know what the night can bring."

"Jim takes me shopping for lingerie. He finds the only black, leather nightgown ever made and buys it for me. Later on I return his generosity with sexual favors."

"Take Jim to a wedding - OURS!!!"

"Jimmy writes a song just for me!"

"I'd love to do a make-over on him. He has nice skin and gorgeous features. His face would be a dream palette. He's also got that distinctive gray hair. All you really need is one trademark feature like that to work around. Make-over or not, he's a beautiful person."

"Well, I'm male so my 'fantasy' is not sexual. We enter a time capsule and go back in time to 1977/1978 and I watch him play live on stage and get to see the whole Bat Out Of Hell phenomena as it unfolds."

"Watch him do his work in the studio. I think it would be unreal to get to see and hear one of these songs come together."

"He reads poetry and feed me grapes as I lay across his lap!"

"I lay down on the bed and let him use my body as a keyboard."

"My fantasy night with Jim Steinman would be riding down a lonely interstate highway, on customized Harleys. Driving into a storm as lightening flashes on in the horizon as the storm closes and in true Easy Rider style we out run the storm and find a bar with only beautiful ladies in it. The rest is history."

"My fantasy night is at the hospital where I give birth to his child as he lovingly stays by my side."

"On the rooftop of the highest building in town Jim sings and plays piano for me. After this we share a candlelight dinner."

"Jim 'takes me places I've never known' - only he could do that."

"I attend the Grammy awards with Jim Steinman."

"For my fantasy date, I invite Jim over for a home cooked dinner and have Meat Loaf as my surprise guest. Then I'd lock them both up in a room with padded walls until they were ready to record Bat III."

"We go through the mirror together."

"One of those eat everything on the menu dates sounds good to me."

"My fantasy evening with Jim Steinman would involve red wine, maybe a little X, lots of candles, 88 keys, a bitchin' sound system, my camera, and lots of art books."

"Play strip poker with him."

"For my fantasy I would want Jim to hypnotize me and let me act as his slave."

"I'd just like to spend time together. Have a chance to get to know and accept each other. I'd want him to feel happy, relaxed and comfortable in my presence. There would be no second guessing anything we did or said. This is a man I have unyielding respect for so it would be a fantasy come true to think that I was capable of bringing any joy, happiness or peace to him. As a bonus when the evening was over we would go home and both get some nice solid sleep."

"We charter a plane - go to Las Vegas - catch a show and since it is my fantasy - get married at one of those quickie chapels by a Little Richard look alike."

"I'd like to spend the night committing some sins worthy of confession."

"Get a video camera and act out HIS fantasy."

"I'm laying on a table and there is food all over me. Jim Steinman eats it off. No utensils. Only finger lickin' lovin' good fun!"

"Me and Jimmy would be like two guys hanging out. We rent a limo, pick up some women. Get a hotel room with a Jacuzzi and have some fun."

"[My fantasy evening is] XXX-rated."

"I call him and he listens to me confess. Then we reverse roles."

"Jim Steinman and I visit my psychic so I can see what she can figure out about him."

"On my fantasy night I have Jim paint my toenails with a brush between his teeth and hot wax my bikini area."

"I envision Jim and I cuddling up by the fire, bare our souls to each other. Jim tells me his deepest thoughts, and we talk for hours about our secret fantasies. Jim allows me to probe his mind (I get to be his shrink). Our minds connect in ways not thought possible. We do not have sex in the usual way, but he enters my mind, laying bare my soul, submitting to his will. Our minds become one, and I give over my thoughts to him. We lie silently by the fire, our spirits freed."

"Have a seance with Jim in his house and see who floats in."

"Ride a motorcycle naked so I could feel the vibrations between my legs and see Jim in front of me. (I have a reoccurring dream that I'm actually having sex with a motorcycle and when I climax the bike always turns into Jim.)"

"Me and my pal Jim Steinman go see Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return Of The Jedi all in the same night."

"Mostly talking. I myself am interested in the work with music that he does. He is a genius with words and a god with music. I would like to show him a few Rock Opera's that I'm working on, including my project with Bad For Good. Of course I'd ask to sing one of his songs for him. Only the musically impaired wouldn't. I would also like to talk about some of his upcoming projects. Like I said, mostly talking. And, of course, I ask for an autograph - what do you think, I'm a rebel without a clue? And probably finish out the evening getting to know the man behind the music, as well as share some information about myself with him. I'm just hoping that this won't be his dream, and if it's true that Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through, then I'll be dreaming up a storm."

"If I could spend an evening with Jim I'd want to spend it at his home. I would like to ask Jim some very personal questions about his life and how he views life in general. I'd like to see some family albums, and hear the story of his life. In my fantasy, we are so close. Jim confides in me why he is so reclusive and tells me his hopes and fears. We discuss some of the stuff he has listened to on 900 lines and why he felt compelled to call. In short, I'd like to be his shrink for the evening."

"Jim sings and does some spoken word performances. I love his voice."

"Just sitting around bullshitting about rock-n-roll, opera, movies theater, rating women at the mall, ordering everything on the menu in a fancy restaurant. Other guests would have to include Tori Amos, Meat Loaf, Danny Elfman, Yngwie Malmsteen, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Bonnie Tyler and my two best friends."

"My fantasy evening with Jim Steinman would involve anything I've ever dreamed of."

"Singing a Steinman song with him at the piano and me on my Fender Strat."

"A good book and some fine wine and Jim reading to me by candlelight. See - everything doesn't have to involve sex..."

"My fantasy evening with Jim Steinman would include nothing much - just to sit in a cafe and to drink some coffee and talk about life. I would like us to talk about writing and how he came to write lyrics. I'm a new writer to the world and would like to be known...hopefully he could help me with that."

"A dream evening would be for me to listen to answer's of the questions that I'd ask. The two eternal questions [I'd ask] Mr. Steinman: Why? and Women? This would be a dream evening for any true Steinman fan."

"The indescribable, remarkable, unbelievable creator of the music my life turns to turns to me and says : 'If I gotta be damned you know I want to be damned dancing through the night with you. You are the woman I've seen in the mirror. Come away with me and build a dream.' And with that we are off, riding a silver-black Phantom bike into a blazing sunset."

"My fantasy is to write a song with him or have him arrange and produce one of my songs, with me as the guitar (acoustic/electric/lead) player."

"I can give you my fantasy date in six words: We wine, We dine, We 69. (Okay, five words and a number.)"

"I'd let Jim Steinman in through the back-door, if you know what I mean. I usually wouldn't do it for anyone else but, for Jim, I'll make the exception."

"My fantasy would come true just to be with Jim Steinman in any way. That is the fantasy - just being with him. I wouldn't care what the hell we do. He could puke on me if he wants. I'd just be so honored to be in his company again."

"I would have Jim be a vocal coach of mine for an evening. I am an aspiring singer and I can't believe the sound he is able to bring out of a singer. I have many times wondered what he could bring out of me!"

"Oh boy, you're not going to be able to print this...My 'date' takes place in the shower. We have candles lit and soft music is playing, steam is rising up and the water is hot. We wash and caress each other, deep kissing and massaging wonderfully scented oils into each other. He tastes amazing and we spend the night devouring each other. (Now that I've turned myself on, I guess I'll go satisfy myself. This one's for you Jim!)

"I have a fantasy about giving Jim Steinman a blow-job. I've had this fixation ever since I was young and noticed the way he looked in the jeans he's wearing on the back of the Bat Out Of Hell LP - it's like his faded Levi's really were bursting apart. I found another photo of him recently and his pants are tight again and you can actually see his, how should I say this, 'unit'. This brought the whole fantasy of doing him up in my mind again. I've practiced and I'm sure he'd enjoy it. But anyhow, that's my fantasy. Kinda perverted but tasty!"

"We go to the Power Station, record the follow-up smash to I'd Do Anything For Love called Anything Else For Love and I become a huge international superstar."

"I'm a guy so if there is going to be a fantasy date there is going to have to be chicks involved. I guess I'll be with Pamela Anderson and I'll set Jimmy up with some other hot babe probably Anna Nicole Smith. We get wasted, enjoy the women, and then trade. After all, boys will be boys and you can't ask them for a fantasy and not expect it to include girls."

"First, Jim sings a song he wrote just for me. Then we kiss for a long time. Then we make love and he keeps telling me that he loves me and cares about me."

"He gathers together all of his greatest performers to give a mega-concert for me and all of my friends while we have a clam bake and keg party on a private beach he rented out just for us."

"On my fantasy date we go for a motorbike ride and then Jim takes me home and introduces me to his cats which take an immediate liking to me. He can't believe it and exclaims 'These cats don't like anyone except me. You must be the one! We will be married tonight!' Then we are wed and consummate the marriage in a highly orgasmic (but too private for the internet) manner. The very first time we have sex he gets me pregnant with a boy child who we name Jim Steinman Jr. and we have a great life together. It's like a Cinderella story for the 90's."

"This question is really geared toward women or gays but since I can't resist answering here is my fantasy with Jim Steinman - keep in mind that I am 100% straight. We make out. I don't want to kiss a man but I would kiss him. I'm very curious what a man that writes with such passion and intensity would kiss like. I would probably learn a lot from this and be able to put what I learn to use with girls. The logic here is that there are a million or more women who'd want to kiss him and if I knew how to do what he does, maybe they'd kiss me. There's a flaw in this logic, I know...okay maybe I just want to kiss him. So, I'm 99.9% straight!"

"For my fantasy, the maestro takes me into the studio so that I may watch him create."

"I have a number of fantasies that involve Mr. Steinman. They all involve lots of lubricant. KY Jelly is the common denominator in all of them."

"For my date with Jim Steinman we take a private Jet to Paris to his favorite French restaurant. He hand feeds me many delicious dishes and drink fine wine as we talk about all of his past projects and future plans. We go for a walk after dinner and it is cold and drizzling so we huddle close together under and over-sized umbrella. On the ride home we have some more wine and continue talking and laughing. He is holding my hand the whole time but he is a perfect gentleman. When we get back he gives me a nice kiss good-night and asks me if I would be interested in seeing him again. I say 'yes' (of course) and ask he when he wants to get together. He says - 'tomorrow'. I say - 'see you then'. I think this could be the start of something special..."

"Leather, leather, leather and more leather. My fantasy evening with Jim Steinman would be spent in bondage. He would tie me up on a rack and spank me for being a bad girl that can't think of anything except fucking him...This unbelievable evening ends with a stern warning from Jim to be a good girl so he won't have to do this again. I start being bad immediately."

"He sings for me all night long and I get to pick the songs . Okay Jim, start with the entire Bad For Good Album...Thank you very much."

"If it's my fantasy Jim Steinman does all the ordering around. I'd love to know what's on his mind and what his idea of fun would be."

"Sorry to tell you this but my fantasy night with Steinman would be so perverted and dirty it would be more fit to print in Hustler than it would be on a web site. LUST INCARNATE that is how I describe Jim Steinman - MY LUST INCARNATE!"

"I'd like to go to a Meat Loaf concert with him because it would be the greatest honor to sit next to the person who wrote the most amazing songs ever written in the entire history of forever. Plus when Meat Loaf starts acting like an ass we could make fun of him together. 'Shut up and sing you fat fuck!'"

"Jimmy and I are sitting in front of a roaring fire at some exclusive mountain hideaway. I run my fingers through his beautiful gray hair and stare deeply into his dark brown eyes. The sound of his voice is sending shivers up my spine. Now use you imagination because from this point on things get a little to graphic to elaborate..."

"Fantasy: Me and Jim. The New York Yankees. A few joints. A few beers. Life is good."

"For my fantasy evening Jim Steinman would spend the night playing the piano, I would sit on top of the piano and Jim would give me oral pleasure at the same time. This is defiantly a man of many talents."

"I am personally invited by Jim Steinman to the premiere party for Bat Out Of Hell 3 which by, the way, is the soundtrack for his new movie Bat Out Of Hell 2100."

"We spend the night doing the Mattress-Mambo. (Wow Jim, you're an excellent dancer!)"

"I'd spend my time talking probably over a great dinner in a cozy restaurant. Because in the words of the great SteinGod 'there are so many things that I just gotta know' - and it would be a dream to get the answers from the God himself."

"For your information I've spent many fantasy evenings with Jim already. The key word (unfortunately) is 'fantasy'. I'm always making love out of nothing at all."

"Probably just to go to some cool club where Steinman and other famous people hang and get drunk with him. It's an excellent way to get to be friends with someone [getting drunk with them]. Aside from me (I happen to be ultimately cool) Jim would be the best to hang with."

"Jim comes to my door when I'm not even expecting him. He says that he knows how big a fan I am because he lives next door even though I never knew. He says he's watched me through the window many times when I've been masturbating to his music and that he is really turned on by the way I move my body and that I'm very much in harmony with the music. He then asks me if I'm willing to come to his place and help him work out some of the kinks he's having with some of the new songs he's been writing. I tell him I'd be happy to help but I don't know how I could. He says that I could let him watch me masturbate myself and that would be his inspiration because he would tell by the way my body responds if he's making the right adjustments. I'm more than happy to oblige and off we go. (For some reason this is a reoccurring fantasy I have whenever I do myself - that he asks to watch and I let him.)"

"We hug. Not much more, just hug alot."

"I co-produce the next epic album. If it takes more than an evening I produce a song."

"Take a shower or bath together"

"Listening to the man play his piano in front of the London Symphony in the Royal Albert Hall...with a couple hundre of my close personal friends. Blood afterwards is strictly optional."

"Have a nice meal and a good conversation."

"I don't care what we do as long as I get to touch his hair. (This includes all body hair.)"

"My fantasy evening would be spent with him having sex. What kind of idiot would pass up that?"

"We walk hand in hand on a beautiful beach with the sun setting and Jim singing and talking."

"Go our to dinner, maybe catch a movie or a theater show. Maybe, )if the setting had one) he could play something on the piano. It would be a very fun evening, and hopefully it would involve becoming friends."

"Jim dances in my pants."

"I get to sing Heaven Can Wait for him and I can actually carry a tune."

"Would be a long delicious dinner, and hours of conversation, to truly know a little bit of the man who seems to know me so well."

"Dancing Waltzes and wild sex on the floor of the Louvre hall."

"Piano, bass, drums, saxophone, trumpet, and a stage."

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